Age Verification Policy – Challenge 21 and 25


Age Verification Policy

It is a mandatory condition for all licenced premises to have an age verification policy in place which is implemented by staff.

Everyone selling alcohol has a legal duty to determine a person’s age by requesting proof and checking proof-of-age documentation before making a sale. Where necessary they made need to refuse the sale.

It is good practise for licensed premises to keep:

  • Records of staff training and refresher training; and
  • Refusuals books to record refusals and incidents.



Challenge 21 and 25 Policy

Having a Challenge 21 or 25 policy in place helps premises reduce the risk of underage by removing the need for staff to accurately assess whether or not someone is under 18.It may be easier to assess whether or not a person looks under 21 or 25

Free versions of the Challenge 21/25 poster can be downloaded here.

The “Challenge 21/25” initiative highlights the fact that “if you are lucky enough to look under 21/25 you will be asked to prove that you are over 18 when you buy alcohol”. Acceptable forms of proof are: photocard driving licence, passport or PASS* accredited proof of age card.

Consequences of getting this is wrong is unlimited fines, suspension of the license and closure of the business. In addition the team member making the sale a fixed penalty fine of £90.

Free downloads

Download Challenge 21 Poster

Download Challenge 25 Poster